Introduction to Our Company-  Online Marketing Specialist

    He started his career in Information Technology nearly 20 years ago. He was a consultant on Wall Street in New York City, as well as Boston Massachusetts and London England. The 7 years prior to founding Our CompanyMarketing and Consulting he was a mission critical engineer for blue chip technical company’s in England where he  has resided for the last 10 years before moving back to America. Working on high level projects for the U. K. government and blue chip organizations, he has become an expert in technology, management, leadership, and best practices with regard to running all types of projects.

    For the last 10 years, hehas been experimenting and making money from Internet marketing and has created several information products including a course focusing on the Google Adwords Display Network, (previously called The Content Network). He has also helped many clients market their products and business’s online with great success.

    Our CompanyMarketing and Consulting began to focus primarily on info product creation and affiliate marketing online. After the first few years of online success, he expanded his business’s to consulting services to individual clients and small businesses alike, bringing his internationally recognized Internet marketing expertise to them.

    Hey has 13 certifications in a wide range of technologies ranging from Unix to Cisco networking. he  has a B. A. from Ohio State University as well as an Associates degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Today he spends up to $10,000 a year in personal training focusing on marketing and sales and is also a member of several high end coaching groups to make sure he is up to date on the latest technologies for his client base.

    After moving back from his 10 year stay in the United Kingdom he now lives in North East Ohio.

    Our CompanyMarketing and Consulting provides services to their clients that include: pay per click campaign setup and management, online video production and distribution, copywriting, search engine optimization, email marketing, online media buys, graphic design and more. As a North East Ohio SEO firm we service local business’ in the  Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Youngstown/Warren areas. In addition, services are provided to clients on a global scale.

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    Brian Mahaffey is the founder of Our CompanyMarketing, a <a target=”_new” href=”http://www.greatwhitenet.com/”>Ohio SEO</a> firm. Mr. mahaffey  has been a <a target=”_new” href=”http://www.greatwhitenet.com/about”>online marketing specialist</a> for nearly 7 years and has had the pleasure of servicing clients on an international scale.
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