Top Predator Tips

    Make Data Driven Decisions About Your Advertising Spend

    • Gather information about keywords or websites your customer uses to make data driven decisions. Use this information to find other similar keywords or websites to focus your advertising efforts on.
    • Gathering this data is crucial to your online marketing success. Unlike other forms of adverting marketing online can let you know what is making or losing you money. As the great advertiser PT Barnum said “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the only problem is I don’t know which half”
    • For more details of using pay per click marketing to gather data about how your customers are finding you we offer a free report on using the Adwords Content Network for high yield low cost marketing for your business. Please enter your email to the right for instant access.

    Expand On The Data You Have From Pay Per Click

    • From the money you spent on pay per click marketing you know have a good idea of what keywords from the Google Adwords search network are bringing you sales, if you are using the Google Adwords Content network you will also know what websites have brought you sale. Take this information and expand on it using Search Engine Optimization.
    • In addition to using SEO contact websites directly to do media buys on cost per click (CPC) or cost per impressions (CPM) basis.
    • Move to other pay per click search engines such as Bing
    • Move to other online media sources such as media buys or email list rentals

    Capture Contact Information

    • For every customer that arrives at your website offer a coupon or enticing offer in exchange for their physical address or email address.
    • Stay in contact with your client base you have built up to bring trust and positioning.

    Automate Your Business

    • Setup automation in your business using email marketing. Once setup this part of your business can be on autopilot.
    • For example, you can setup a years emails in advance, including timed promotional offers which all will start as soon as someone joins your mailing list.
    • On your landing pages or emails setup survey asking you customers what they would want out of your product or services
    • You can also setup these survey in your automated email sequences
    • Review your surveys and give customers what they want.
    • The great businessman J.C. Penny attributed his success from actual walking around his stores and asking his custom what they wanted. He then simply gave it to them.

    Move into Other Realms Online to maximize your exposure

    • Use mobile marketing and social networks to improve your presence online
    • Make sure your business is listed in Google Places (formally called Google Maps), Bing Places and yahoo.
    • List your business in multiple business directories across the internet.

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