Search engine optimization of promoting a website, or to be more precise a web page, to move up in the natural search results. This is using the functions of the free search engines as opposed to using paid search as pay per click advertising.

    Google stated that the first position in the natural search engine results gets around 41% of the clicks. And today it is not as simple as having a relevant ranking just for your webpage .

    Google now shows many different things in the search results that it thinks are relevant to your search query. These things can be images, videos, a map of a place, a news story and more.

    No one can guarantee you the number one search results and if the do they are being untruthful. This is because Googles rankings algorithms are kept secret. Even so there are ingredients that you can follow to push your site to the top of the rankings. There are many paid tools on the market 9some very expensive) that can also assist. W feel that being up front to you about what we are doing makes us both happy. We are fully transparent to our techniques in assisting you in reaching the top spots on your natural search results rankings and we also provide several monthly reports such as this one, to show your rankings and traffic and what keywords and website’s people are using to find you.

    Business owners can face real issues when getting the the free search rankings. Some of the reasons for these are:

    Most business owners do not know what keywords they should rank for and which ones will bring them revenue.

    The failure to track what keywords or sites are converting can lead to further false data driven decisions.

    Many websites are not even on the first page of Google which essentially means less than 2% of searchers will even have a chance to find them.

    Most websites for business are just a set and forget endeavor. After the website is up it is never watched again. Even if you lucky enough to get a top 10 ranking any competitor that has their eye on the ball will knock your rankings out. To keep your rankings, your websites needs continual monitoring and SEO improvements.


    We send you monthly SEO ranking reports , a directory submission report, and a monthly SEO spreadsheet to see where your links are actually placed each month, and what content is created. We make sure you are seeing what your paying for and are watching the results as our aim is to be as transparent and honest as possible, unlike many SEO companies out there.

    Tracking is an essential element in SEO efforts. Many website owners do not even know how much traffic they are getting or where sales come from.

    We are and Ohio SEO firm and service local business in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland , Youngstown/Warren and surrounding areas. We also service clients on a global scale.

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