Social and Mobile Marketing

    More age groups are now using social media and mobile media in their daily life’s. There has been an amazing double digit growth factor in this usage in the recent years.

    Also, the increasing trend of the use of mobile browsers and the applications on mobile devices makes social networking much easier to use on the phones. Thus, these to medium go hand in hand.

    The social network facebook has even exceeded Google in traffic at times, making it the number one visited website on the Internet. In an average month nearly thirty percent of internet users will visit myspace and facebook, while another thirty five percent will visit youtube. And as for demographics over half of all myspace clients are over the age of thirty five and facebook now have well over one hundred thousand users over the age of sixty four.

    Also, Google themselves also report a Five times increase in mobile search traffic over the past two years. With the introduction of the smart phone it is estimated in a short period of time mobile search will take up a full 11% of total search revenues.

    Here is a quote from Googles mobile project manager.

    “By next year, five billion mobile phone will be in service, out of a total world population of about seven billion. By 2014, there will be more mobile internet users than desktop internet users.

    For this reason and many more you need to be mobile ready with your business online.

    We can help. We can make your website mobile friendly and mange your online social presence to drive more visitors and leads to your business.

    We are located in N.E. Ohio and provide full web marketing for local business’. Including SEO services to the Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and surrounding areas. Social media and mobile marketing services are included in these packages.

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