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    Why Having An Online Presence For Your Business Is Crucial

    If your business is not online today you may be in serious trouble in the near future as study’s show that year over year the Internet has become more prominent in consumer matters with over 70% of local prospects looking for you online. The research from comScore randomly monitors a panel of over one million Internet users searches over a specified time period.

    In 2010 this study showed that the total United States internet searches increased by nearly 14 percent. This is from the near 2 billion searches in 2009.

    The modifications to the search engines in focusing on local search more and more has lead to advertising mediums crossing over to more of an online importance than ever.

    The demographics on the average Internet user has also crossed all age range boundaries. From your 8 year old son to your 82 year old grandmother, more and more people are using the Internet to find what they are looking for locally.

    As the report indicated The majority of consumers prefer to shop about 15 miles of their home locations and more than anything use online sources to find local business’s within their area. Here is a synopsis from this report.

    The internet has shown a continued upward trend to be the most effective medium used by consumers. The Internet has changed how the consumer will look for the products and services to make buying decisions.

    Your business placements on Google Places (previously called Google maps), and Bing Maps local sites growth has gone from 51 to 68 percent.

    Most consumers are searching for their local business by using the search engines. Seventy percents of these consumers are using websites as their primary source for find these business. This trend has risen from 2009 to seven percent.

    Search engines are still the most popular medium for consumers relating to local search, and depending on your clients demographics up to 43% will find you using them online.

    16-24% of your customers will find you through the local directories online such as yelp, and yellow pages. We provide our clients with extensive reports showing successfully submitted directories. Click directorylistingReport to see and example of this report

    There is a surge in mobile search, and social web 2.0 sites, the predictions are that these will continue to rise in the coming years, especially when the price of mobile phones will  literally drop to nothing in the next few years. Your website needs to be mobile ready, and this will only be more important as time goes on.

    Your potential customers are more inclined to buy from you when they find you online. More sales are happening among the consumers who perform their searches on the internet and your prospects are more likely to contact you and make a purchases.

    One third of your potential customers will stop looking for you if they cannot immediately find you on the internet. And 17 percent are unhappy with the information that local search provides and the number one cause of this is because they cannot find the directed local business they are looking for. Therefore, if you do not immediately show up in the results, the chances are your potential client will stop looking for you.

    There is a sharp trend in more demographics know adapting to using social media and mobile marketing to find local business. You can read more about this here.

    Overall this shows that you will be loosing customers if you are not easily found on the internet. The prospects of today will not becomes customers if you do not ave an online presence as this is essentially your sort from online. If they cannot locate you online how can you make a sale to them. This is like standing in a dark room in a crowd. You know your there but no one can find you.

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