Using Pay Per Click

    Pay per click advertising is just what it sounds like. You pay each time a user clicks your ad. Your ads show up in one of two ways, either via a keyword search (when using Adwords search) or when visiting a website (using the Adwords Content Network).

    The ads on the search network can only be text based ads. The look like the classified ads you see in traditional newspapers. When a user types in a keyword on a search engine under a keyword you are bidding on your ads will show up on either the top or sides as shown below. For example, I typed in flowers in the search engine and these results came up.

    You can also place your ads on the Google Content network. These ads will show up when a user is simply visiting a website. With these types of ads you have the option of using just plain text ads as in the search network or also using image ads (also called banner ads). Here is an example of both the text ads and image ads on a website when using the Google Content network.

    With the Content Network you also have the option of placing your bids on a Cost Per Click (CPC model) or Cost Per Impression (CPM) model. The CPM model allows you to bid per 1000 times your ad is shown. For example, if you are willing to pay 1 dollar CPM you will pay 1 dollar for every 1,000 times you ad is shown on a website. Thus, if you had 10 clicks on your ad during these 1,000 impressions of it when bidding at one dollar you are essentially paying only 10 cents per click.

    There are even finer tweaks to using the Google content network such as targeting specific website using placements. In addition, you can even target just mobile phone users and more.

    You can find out more information about setting up the Content Network by getting our free report. Just enter you email to the right (to prove you are a human) and to get instant access.

    You can get immediate feedback by using either the search or content networks by using your Google Adwords reports. These will show you what websites our keywords are converting for you. You then need to tweak your campaigns by removing the bad keyword our websites and focusing on the ones that are working for you. These reports can even be emailed to you if needed.

    There are customized tools to help you find some of the most important terms you should be bidding on and Google offers free tools such as t’s Adwords editor assist setting up large campaigns.

    Our services are designed assist in managing and optimizing your campaigns. They are also customized to your particular needs. See our small business online guide how to be the top predator in your market for more information on using the power of pay per click.

    In addition to PPC management we also provide Full web marketing and SEO services to Cleveland, Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We also provide services on a global scale.

    Please click here for a free consultation. We can discuss any of your pay per click needs.

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